Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Brooklyn, NY || Emma + Jonathan

I still remember reading Emma's hilarious blog post entitled "So, your Emily got married: A guide to handling this tough time in your life" and thinking "this girl is hilarious/the kind of girl I'd want to be friends with". She and Jonathan had eloped not long after meeting - their connection was immediate and intense, and they knew right away that they were right for one another. Since then, I've watched their relationship unfold online with a whole lot of admiration and respect. I've been rooting for them ever since reading that blog post, and have loved getting to know them (virtually) ever since. Although they eloped last May, they intended to have an actual wedding to celebrate with their closest friends and family down the road, and I had the honor of being their wedding photographer!! I absolutely love the unapologetic, passionate, and loving way they live their lives - a certain fire and warmth that I admire greatly (bonus - they both happen to be talented photographers!). I'm so happy I finally got to meet them, their friends, and their families in person while I photographed their wedding day! 

It ended up raining all day, but Emma and Jonathan braved the cold and the wet for a first look out by the rose garden before celebrating indoors in the beautiful Atrium.