The Courchesne Family || In-Home and at the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA


Starting at home during family sessions has become some sort of fiery, passionate obsession for me lately. There is nothing more personal than photographs made in your own home. There is nothing more real than having those little routines, those tender, silly, quiet, and crazy moments, and the relationships between you captured in this little piece of the world that you've made your home. And there will be very little sweeter than looking back on these small reminders of what your family was like in the home you lived in 25 years from now. 

So for the Courchesne family's session, we started in their home in Jamaica Plain - just a couple minutes away from me! It's especially bittersweet for them because they're about to make the move down to the Washington D.C. area. This marks the end of a major chapter in their lives... where they bought a home, started a family, and added to that family. I was so honored to be able to make some photographs of them in the place that they've called home in the city.