Boston Documentary Family Photo + Video Session || The Messier Family


So, it's finally time... we are so excited to announce that Joe and I will be offering documentary family photo + video sessions this year!

These sessions are meant to allow us to capture what your life looks like at this moment in time - the pretty and the messy, the laughter and the tears, the quiet determination and bravery and the fear, the snuggles and the tantrums... your family, as you are. 

This means we hang out with you for a few hours, half photo + video team, half playmates with the kids (who soon forget they're on camera and don't mind the photos at all when it just means they get to play all day!), and record all those beautiful little moments that ensue. 

And the video... the video adds a completely different dimension to it all. I think of my own family photos and videos and how deeply I cherish them - how even the smallest details become significant and meaningful as you look back at how your family has loved one another through the years. I feel so strongly that families are best documented by photo and video, side by side - they complement and enrich each other in a way that is undeniable.

Especially since (ok, and I'm bragging on my husband now... just bear with me!) Joe has this incredible talent for emotional, poignant storytelling that couldn't be any more perfect for family sessions. Truly - I've been absolutely dying to share his family videos.

And there's nothing more fulfilling than hearing from the families we document that what we captured will be treasured by them, too. After we sent her the video, Kristin wrote us back: 


The video is FANTASTIC!!!!  We love it so much...Joe did an amazing job capturing the spirit of our family, home, kids.  It feels like it was made by someone who really knows us - I give Joe a ton of credit, the man understands his craft!

I've watched it alone, with Rick, then with the whole family, and cried each time!  THANK YOU, thank you, thank you. We will treasure this forever, and really see the value in this for other families (ready to write rave reviews in whatever capacity will most help you guys!).

Give Joe a big hug from all four of us! Thanks again!

Alright friends, it's time... scroll down, turn your sound on, and tell us what you think of the video!

Then check out the accompanying photographs below. 

PS. Ready to have a day in your family's life documented? Drop us a line!