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Hell YES girlfriend. So proud of you for doing this for yourself!! Can't wait to celebrate YOU! :) 

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Q: Do I have to be in my underwear for these photos? 

A: Nope! These are about celebrating yourself and practicing self-love. That means you can clothe yourself however you want - dressed to the nines, in PJs or loungewear, fully nude, every day clothing, swimwear, or lingerie (or a combination!)... it's up to you!

Q: Will these photos be shared online?

A: I'll only share the photos of you online with your written permission. You'll be able to decide once you have your gallery back if you'd like to allow me to share the photos of you, and you'll get to decide which ones you're okay with me sharing. 

Q: Do I need to have my hair and makeup done? 

A: Nope! You can come with no makeup and bedhead if that's what you're feeling! The photo above "More Self Love" above is me doing just that. But there's nothing wrong with coming with any degree of hair and makeup done, either. This is a space where you are free to experiment with how you present yourself, what feels best to you, etc.