Your family deserves to be documented.

 The giggles, the tears and the boo-boos, those small little voices, the fort building and family cuddles, the way you all grow and learn and change over time, that joke you tell that makes them all screech with laughter, the interests you have and the art they create... together, photo and video can capture it all. That's why my husband Joe and I approach family sessions together - me freezing time and him playing it back for you in slow motion.

These photographs and videos will be precious to you now, but ultimately, it's your children who will cherish them the most, years down the road, as they get to see all the ways you loved them when they were too young to remember.


Mama, I see you worrying.


"We're just so busy! We don't have time!", or "We'll totally do this, I just want to lose 10lbs first", or "It's not in the budget... maybe next year" or "Oh God, not all of us... just the kids!" or "Our house is such a mess... once I clean it up we'll do it".


You know even better than I do just how quickly time passes... how quickly your children grow and change. Don't wait until this season's precious moments slip away - celebrate the season you're in! Perfection is boring.  The people who love you know what you look like and love you as you are. As cute as they are, your kids don't want to only have pictures of themselves to look back on! They want to see YOU - to see you with them. How you were with them. What you were like when they were younger. Be courageous for them.

You will never regret having MORE photos and videos of your family - especially photos and video that capture day to day life and unguarded emotion. Whether you decide that we're the ones you want to document your family for you or someone else is... 

...just take a deep breath and do it


Ready to dive in? Drop us a line! We can't wait to capture that everyday magic for you and your family.

                                    Check out a full session!

                                    Check out a full session!

                                                  My "why"

                                                  My "why"

So... we get what family photos are, but what does a family video look like? Get comfy and press play below ;)