Why You Should Be Selling Albums as a Wedding or Family Photographer

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If you're like me during the first couple of years as a wedding photographer...


...albums feel a little intimidating. During those first years, selling anything (even the wedding coverage!) felt slimy and awkward to me. I felt like I'd totally rock a meeting with a potential couple, but then at the end, I'd clam up. I didn't know how to mention money or how to ask if they'd like to book. Even mentioning them booking me felt like I was pressuring them! Ughhhh!

So when it came to adding albums to my packages, I worried endlessly about selling such an expensive item. It totally felt like I was trying to sell my clients on something even pricier, and I thought "who would want that?" (this whole subject around becoming a confident sales person rooted in service, upping your sales before even saying a word, etc is something we get into at my workshops, so make sure you ). 

So it totally shocked me when, soon after adding albums as an option, the majority of my clients were excited to get one (and often mentioned it as one of their priorities!). 

Fast forward a bit, and now the overwhelming majority of my couples either purchase a package with an album or add one on after the wedding. It's completely changed my business and the way I serve my couples. 

So if you're on the fence about including albums in your packages, here's a little round-up of some of the biggest reasons why you should just go ahead and do it!


It’s providing a valuable service for your clients


When people first start selling albums, the expense of albums often leads them to feel like they’re selling, rather than serving. It honestly couldn't be further from the truth.

A physical album distills brings the story of the wedding day to life using the couples’ very favorite photos. It’s something tangible that can be looked through often, it’s resilient enough for kids to look through, it’s beautifully designed, and it’s something that can be passed down and appreciated for generations. 

Even though there are options for printing on their own, the album design process can be really overwhelming! Most couples won’t actually end up ordering an album on their own - regular life and overwhelm get in the way. Though there are some companies couples can use to print an album, they offer limited quality and design options - cue the frustration and overwhelm! Using your expertise to lead couples through the design process is an incredibly helpful. You have the ability to provide them with a beautifully designed album with minimum stress or effort on their part. Pretty sweet, right?


You’re leaving money on the table


Not long after adding albums to my packages, they began bringing in additional $20-30k per year including album upgrades.

$20-30k! Can you imagine all you could do for your business and in your life with that added revenue?

Plus, plenty of couples already know that an album is important to them, so you're likely losing them if you don't offer albums. Offering albums can also help you attract a higher end clientele with higher budgets and give you some extra legitimacy when you're in the beginning years of your business!


Strengthen that sales muscle - practice selling from a place of service


This last one is a little more abstract, but it's really important. Albums are a great way to get more comfortable with sales in general. They offer plenty of options for up sells - extra spreads, larger sizes, premium album cover materials, etc. As you become comfortable with up selling these things with the intention of serving your couples, you'll find yourself becoming a stronger, more confident salesperson as well! That's essential for growing your business down the road, so it's great that albums offer such a great way to improve the way you serve and sell to your clients. 


If you're ready to take a deep breath and add albums to your packages, but you're wondering...


  • How to price your albums
  • Who to order your albums from (my personal fave is Miller's, but we talk about what to look for when choosing the best fit for you!)
  • How to design gorgeous albums quickly and easily (hint: SmartAlbums is your best friend!)
  • How to skip the tedious back-and-forth with your couples about design while offering an incredible service and increasing your up-sells


I've got you, friend! Click here to snag my free guide to buying, pricing, designing, and proofing beautiful albums efficiently!


I'm even sharing my exact album design/design approval workflow with you. This one is SUPER jam-packed with really awesome info. Can't wait to share it with you guys! 

After you read through the guide, send me an email or a DM to let me know how the album process is going for you! I LOVE hearing all about your wins! 

As always, if you have any other questions you'd like me to answer, just send me an email or a DM, and you might just see it end up on the blog!



Beautiful album images courtesy of my girl Jules at  Julianna J Photography!