5 reasons why wedding photographers should get to know their couples

When it comes to growing a wedding photography business full of couples that you adore, who trust you deeply, and who open up emotionally in front of the camera, there's no tool more powerful than simply spending a little time on getting to know them!

Getting to know your couples well is essential to growing a thriving business full of couples you love. Let me break it down for ya!

#1. You'll capture more authentic, emotional photographs

I wouldn't have been able to capture this picture of a teardrop running down Mari's cheek (and another falling in midair) if I hadn't gotten to know these two well enough for them to let their walls down in front of me.

I wouldn't have been able to capture this picture of a teardrop running down Mari's cheek (and another falling in midair) if I hadn't gotten to know these two well enough for them to let their walls down in front of me.

When you've spent a little time getting to know your couples (and allowing them to get to know you, too!), you'll all naturally be more relaxed in front of the camera. It'll be much easier to photograph them in a way that really feels true to them and their relationship, and that exudes all sorts of emotion.

Couples who feel comfortable with you when you're shooting are much more likely to let down their walls, forget they're being photographed, and really let themselves melt into the experience. This is when you might get to witness and capture deeply intimate moments - the kind that your couple wouldn't trade for the world.


#2. It will make wedding days go much more smoothly

When you've taken the time to get to know your couples, they're much more likely to trust you as the expert and treat you like a part of the family. That means they'll trust you to help them schedule the wedding day with plenty of time for photos (however you like to work!).

They'll also be able to fully enjoy their wedding day without stressing about photos or trying to micromanage you - a win-win, especially since when they're fully present and enjoying their wedding day, there are far more of those incredible moments of emotion and connection for you to capture for them!


#3. It will up your game as a photographer

The better you know your couples, the better you can capture the two of them and their wedding day in a way that truly reflects who they are and what the day was like. 

You'll know more about which friends and which family members are especially important to the couple, which traditions hold a little extra sentimentality and why, and you'll know whose reactions to look for during the big events of the day. You'll capture little details with a new eye when you understand their significance to the couple. And your photographs will mean even more to your couple and their loved ones because of it.


#4. You'll be treated like a friend of the family on the wedding day

When your couples already feel like you're a friend, you'll be treated like one on their wedding day! This makes a big difference for me personally. I care deeply about my couples and capturing their wedding day in a way that will be meaningful for them, and when I feel loved, trusted, and appreciated by them, it makes photographing their wedding feel like a dream and a calling, not a job. 


#5. Testimonials, awesome referrals, and lifelong clients... whether or not you have a big social media presence

This is probably the most tangible effect getting to know your clients well has on your business. Knowing your clients well will already lead to a more authentic and enjoyable wedding day experience for both you and your couple. It leads to higher quality work that stands out and that your clients will treasure.

And all of that + knowing and liking you as a person means that your clients are even that much more likely to recommend you to all their friends and fam, write you testimonials/reviews, and continue hiring you for life. 

This is especially impactful if you want to grow an awesome, profitable business without spending a lot of time on social media (or if you have a small to modest social media following and don't want to rely on it to grow your biz). 



If you're now wondering how to get to know your couples better, don't worry, I've got ya covered ;)

Let's go through few easy ways to get to know your couples better. Remember, even implementing one or two of these will make a difference, so don't feel like you need to do all or nothing :) 

- Make your contact form on your website a little more personal - ask a personal question or two in there!

- Ask a few questions about them when they send you an inquiry - this one might seem obvious, but sometimes it can be easy to overlook the most obvious stuff! I freaking love pets, so if they mention they have pets, I always welcome them to spam me with pics of their cat/dog/whatever. It creates an instant connection and is super relatable... and I get to obsess over cute dog pics on the reg! ;)

- Take the time to get to know them a little better on the phone/when you meet in person. Again, this may seem obvious, but sometimes it's tempting to think you should just get straight to business. Taking a few minutes to just enjoy getting to know each other makes a world of difference!

- Engagement sessions - these are always a great way to get to know your couple better, but they can be even more effective if you encourage your couples do do engagement sessions at their home, in places that have personal meaning to them, or while something a little less traditional, like tagging along while they do something they enjoy as a couple (apple picking, bowling, hiking... you get it!)

- Send your couples a personal questionnaire before their wedding! This one's my favorite. My own photographer did it for Joe and I before our wedding, and I still remember feeling so emotional as I wrote out my answers and crying as I read Joe's. 

If you want a free copy of the exact personal questionnaire I send my couples before their wedding, click the button below, fill out your email, and look for it in your inbox!


Do you have any other favorite ways you use to get to know your couples better? Let me know in the comments!

Can't wait to see how this changes your business, my friend!



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