Two-Minute Tip Tuesday: Do people *really* know what your business offers?


Hey there friends!


Recently, when I asked what you wanted me to teach about, over 100 of you have told me that selling makes you feel slimy and uncomfortable. And honestly? I can completely relate! The idea of mentioning money or making a move to close a sale with potential clients made me sick to my stomach.

I knew that this discomfort would cripple my business if I didn't overcome it, so I buckled in and started learning new things and practicing what I learned. The result? My average sale went from $3,531 before I started this process to $5,855 once I had a solid grip on it all. The best part? I'm now able to serve my clients confidently based on their needs, all without feeling salesy or gross.

So, for the next month or so, these two-minute tips will be focused on one of my favorite topics - becoming a confident and effective salesperson! Each week I'll leave a tip on the blog and  send an email with a tip + a relevant easy action step to take to my email buds.

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Onto today's two-minute tip!

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Today's two minute tip couldn't be more simple, but it's something that I see business owners miss ALL the time.


--> Don't assume that your potential clients already know what you offer (and how it can serve them!) beyond the basics.

Since we're experts in our own businesses, it can be really easy to forget that 95% of the time, even the people closest to us don't REALLY know what we offer, or how the things we offer can be of service to them.

For example, most people know I'm a wedding photographer. But if I want to take on more family sessions, I need to be posting regularly about family sessions so that people remember that I offer that! This even applies to the KIND of wedding photography you do. Make sure people know the vibe of your business, too. That way, if you're super into non-traditional backyard weddings, friends and fam aren't recommending you to their ultra-traditional friend who's getting married at a country club... but immediately think to recommend you when their non-traditional friend gets engaged.

Make sure you're talking about what you offer often - on social media, on your website, on the literature you give potential clients, and even in regular life!

I think we so often worry about repeating ourselves... but here's a secret for ya - between algorithms and short attention spans and the million other people we're all interacting with on a daily basis, most people aren't seeing your posts, let alone reading them, let alone remembering them! And the ones who actually are? Those people are your biggest fans, and they're the least likely to get annoyed at you!

Most of us are relatively forgetful people. Posting often about what we do and what we offer helps keep that information top of mind for people who genuinely want to recommend us to others or buy from us!

Lastly, don't forget the importance of doing this WITHIN your business (not just out on social media) as well.

For example, I always assume that my potential wedding clients don't yet know the value of things like albums, parent albums, second photographers, engagement sessions, etc - so I make sure to explain it to them when we chat! Don't downplay items that you're uncomfortable with (like albums - something a lot of newer togs feel uncomfortable selling at first since they're expensive!). Remember, you're just educating them about the value of your various offers, not forcing them into buying it!


Go out there and be bold and excited about what you do! It's a part of who you are, and remember - people who love and appreciate you want to support you! Give them the best tools you have so they can do that well!